Vintage Official Gillette GII / TRACII razor


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The razor loads the blades from the side, as if on a rail.

Second-hand model in excellent condition.

Beautiful Gillette cartridge razor. This is a “GII” model (known as TRACII in America), with black plastic and nickel-plated handle. The razor is second-hand but in excellent condition.

This is the very first model, which has become iconic!It’s been out of the shops for a long time, so this is a great opportunity to shave again with a GII razor.

Use Gillette GII and GII Plus blades (sold separately, still easily available in supermarkets).We also sell blades compatible with this razor, see here.

To load a new twin-blade cartridge, place the razor head on its side, and slide it into the rails behind the blades cartridge.


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