The Darwin “Ethical” line is based on two strong foundations that are dear to us: the solidarity economy and recycling. The products of this range are the same soap and after-shave (same formula, same perfume) as the Classic line, but their containers are unique pieces, stemming from the solidarity economy. Choosing a product from the Darwin Ethique range is therefore doing a double good deed!

Upcycling: recycling with added value

The Ethical line gives pride of place to upcycling, a rewarding recycling process. Each soap and aftershave is contained in an original container: period bottle, artisanal pot and bowl, vintage crockery, perfume bottle, kitchen bowl, old-fashioned glassware… which is carefully checked, washed and disinfected before being reused.

These different containers are not only recycled, they are also reusable, recyclable, unique, rare, wacky, and are sure to add a touch of originality to your bathroom. Long live ecology!

Solidarity with Emmaus

Not content with being eco-friendly, the bowls, cups, bottles, flasks and other containers in the Darwin Ethique range come from Emmaus stores. These containers therefore support a strong charity created by Abbé Pierre.

Shaving with a Darwin product from the Ethical line is like doing a good deed for the community.