The Darwin team is constantly developing and testing new products, new designs and new fragrances, but also on the alert to find and restore various vintage items. Below is a quick presentation of current and upcoming projects.

Darwin Razor

The Darwin “Standard” razor is our spearhead, it will be proposed first through a crwodfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Here are the big steps of the project so far:

  • 3D model : done
  • Machining company : found
  • Engraving company : found
  • Polishing company : found
  • Coffin-shape case : company found
  • Preparing the funding campaign : to do
  • Project video : written, needs to be produced

While waiting for more information, this short video to help you wait:

This man doesn’t know it yet, but his life will soon change. Follow our adventurer in search of the ultimate truth, the Darwin razor…

New shaving range / New scent : Mr Darcy

Our third range called “Mr Darcy” is in preparation, the fragrance is created, the recipe for the soap and its aftershave will be exclusive to this fragrance. The development of this range is on hold, until the Standard razor is released.

Drake Razor Handle

In the shape of a cannon, designed in-house, this handle will be machined in Brittany, France. It will be available in 316L stainless steel, bronze, brass and titanium mirror polished. We are studying other materials and finishes, but for the moment our choice has been made.

The prototypes are machined, the polisher is found, the engraver is found, we should be launching this project after the Darwin razor project is done.

Moustache wax and beard balm

The moustache wax existed for a time, it confirmed that the recipe was good and the Classic scent came out wonderfully well. We are currently studying a different packaging, when we are finished we will have to find the right printer, and a new batch can be launched.

Our beard balm is also waiting for a better packaging before coming out again.