The safety razor (also known as a DE or Double Edge razor) uses double-edged blades in a universal format. This offers a very wide choice, perfect for all skin types! The safety razors you will find in this section are vintage, so they are second-hand. They have been selected by our experienced collector and then cleaned, restored and checked. Most of these razors can still be used without any problem, some should only be considered for collection, refer to each description to note the specificities of each one.

Choosing a vintage razor is an economical choice (the blades cost almost nothing), in line with ecological values (zero waste objective), traditional (more than 100 years of history)… but it is also a question of efficiency: shaving with a safety razor is more efficient than a disposable or multi-blade razor. It causes less irritation, it is more hygienic, and it only takes three shaves max to get the hang of it! And it’s much easier to use than a straight razor. Perfect for people in a hurry! It is perfect for traditional facial shaving, but also for body shaving. Whether you’re a man or a woman, get your safety razor today!