Darwin Shaving

Darwin is an English brand created in 1924, specializing in the manufacture of blades but above all safety razors.

Innovative in the choice of materials used and the design of its razors, Darwin has become over the decades an emblematic brand whose achievements have become iconic for razor lovers, collectors and aesthetes.

Darwin disappeared after the war and fell into limbo, but interest in the quality and originality of its razors has always been alive among its followers.

It’s this love that led us to give a second life to Darwin with the desire to create a complete line of quality shaving and skincare products for men around his iconic razor, which will be reproduced identically.

During this rebirth, we wanted to keep as many original elements of the brand as possible. For us, the main element is excellence, a value that guides our choices and motivates us to offer you the best, and nothing but the best.

More concretely, we have kept the original logos that have been scanned and cleaned. We have also recreated the font used in the Darwin catalogs of the 1930s. We intend to develop our products in a harmonious way, based on the original designs. One of our leather cases is the same design as shown in a 1934 catalogue!

Darwin was known for thinking outside the box by offering razors made of materials that were not used in the market at the time: stainless steel and cobalt-chrome steel. We intend to respect this tradition, as these materials still offer many of the qualities needed to make a top-of-the-line razor today.