Our "Classic" range

Darwin's "Classic" scent is a bewitching mix of hesperideous notes.

The top notes bewitch you right from the opening with pleasant sweet orange, light and tangy lemon zest, fascinating and camphorated lemongrass, which give way to an angelic and sensual heart note of ginger, and a woody and earthy base note of patchouli.

This association of fragrances is explored like uncharted territory, which secrets only reveal themselves as they are discovered. The “Classic” range could be seen as a metaphorical ode to Darwin, passionate about evolution. Indeed, over time, you will note a natural evolution of the perfume, when the hesitant notes leave more room for earthy notes.

The term “hesperides” refers to essential oils obtained by expressing the zest of fruits such as bergamot, lemon, orange, mandarin, etc., associated with orange tree products. These fresh and invigorating notes are commonly used in Eaux de Cologne and Eaux fraîches.

The essential oils used in all our products in the “Classic” line have been carefully chosen for their benefits.

Darwin's Classic range
Ginger and lemon oils

Essential oils

Essential oils used in the "Classic" range

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