Replacement Twin Blades – Gillette TracII and Atra compatible


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10 cartridges of replacement blades for Gillette TracII and Atra razors.

Blades compatible with many fixed-head and swivel-head models.

Pack of 10 cartridges of twin blades. Twin blades are suitable for many models on the market, with whether fixed or pivoting head. A lubricating strip is included to help the blade glide over your skin.

Compatibility of TracII and Atra blades

These replacement razor blades are suitable for the following razors:

  • moving head: Gilette Contour, Gilette Contour +, Wilkinson Pivot +, Atra
  • fixed head: Gilette GII, Gilette GII+, Wilkinson Super II+, Wilkinson DuploII, TracII

Instructions for use of GII and Contour compatible blades

  • For a fixed-head razor (TracII type): load the blade from the side (notches are provided), as if on rails. Gently pull it out of the tray and you’re ready to shave!
  • For a razor with a pivoting head (such as the Gillette Contour): simply bring your razor right up to the back of the blade to load it. Press the button on the razor to open the clamps, squeeze the blade so that the clamps grip the side bars on their own. Pull gently, the whole thing will detach from the tray and you’re ready to shave!


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