Vintage Le Grelot Safety Razor “Demoiselle de Vermeil”


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The Demoiselle de Vermeil razor is a beautiful vintage safety razor with open comb, made for Le Grelot by Leresche in France.

N.B.: loose handle, more details below.

Uses standard DE blades.

This safety razor is in excellent condition for its age. It is a beautiful vintage model, three pieces with a long screw (also called “à pompe”), made in France (by Leresche) for Le Grelot. The knob is silver plated, the head is nickel plated (handle is either nickel or chrome), and the design is similar to the “Leresche 51” razor. The razor is presented in a stainless steel case in good condition.

Inscription under the head: Demoiselle de Vermeil. (can be loosely translated by the Lady in Red)

Please note: the handle is loose from the head. However, there are no cracks in the handle, which is just a tad too wide. This won’t get in the way when shaving, because once the screw is tightened, nothing moves.

It uses standard double-edged safety blades. It’s great for tough beards!


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