Shaving soap for beginners

What is a shaving soap used for?

As the name suggests, shaving soap is used for shaving with a badger brush. It is also called shaving soap or beard soap (but nothing like beard shampoo), and its recipe is very different from toilet soap. Indeed, it needs some specific ingredients so that the lather you have to prepare ensures a pleasant shave. A good soap lather should :

– Help the razor glide

– To soften the hair to be able to cut it more easily.

– Protect the skin because the passage of the razor weakens it.

– Feel good (because we’re still here to enjoy ourselves)

How do I use shaving soap?

A good soap makes a good lather, here is how to prepare it. The lather is built up with a shaving brush, moisten it and then load the brush by making a few turns on the soap, and you’re ready to mount it, on the same principle as a mayonnaise, but still delicate. The foam is either put in a separate bowl, in the palm of your hand before applying it, or directly on the face.

How to recognize a good foam?

The bubbles must be as fine as possible for the foam to hold well over time, the foam must look like whipped cream. When you put some in the palm and turn your hand over, it should not move.

How do I apply my shaving soap?

You can make either circular movements (always in the same direction, to avoid damaging the badger’s hair), or with back and forth movements like a brush. Personally, I start in a circle and finish with a brush, it’s up to you to see which one suits you best. It is advisable to brush for two to three minutes, the exfoliating action of the brush combined with the right foam will straighten the hair and guarantee you a few minutes of pure happiness… When you have finished the first pass of the razor, you brush again before making the second pass. And if you need a third pass, you can also re-blaze. These new applications don’t need to be as long as the first one, they are mainly used to help the razor glide. Tip: Finish the very last “brushstrokes” in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This way, the hair is well lifted and ready to be cut easily.

How do I store my shaving soap?

Soap is not lost! And if you take care of it, it will improve with time, like a good wine. Immediately after use, remove excess water and wipe the edges. It must be well aired after use, do not cover it right away! I provide lids with my bowls to avoid dust, for transport, and for the beautiful presentation in general. But don’t leave a wet soap, it will lose its qualities, so let it air as soon as possible (and it perfumes the bathroom, hummm…). If the soap is used every day, then never close it again.

What are the advantages of shaving soap over commercial products?

– More economical: a shaving soap lasts longer (about 6 months per 100g).

– More ecological: no waste (reusable bowl), 100% natural recipe

– More fun: it still smells better! And puts less everywhere.

– More authentic: we finally take pleasure in shaving, it becomes a ritual that we expect and enjoy.

– More ethical: you make a French craftsman work, not a faceless multinational.

– More traditional: we find the gestures of yesteryear, our fathers and grandfathers used to shave with soap and badger hair.

What makes Darwin soap different from other shaving soaps? 

Darwin’s soap is first prepared by a renowned craftsman, according to a proven recipe that Darwin chose to embellish with its already classic citrus and ginger fragrance. Some people think it is perfect for the summer, we think it would be a shame to deprive ourselves of it for the rest of the year!

With the help of a good badger brush, the fruit of this collaboration allows an unequalled foam: a comfort worthy of the best club chair, a quick ascent for a moment of rare happiness, and the razor glides on its own. The quality of its formulation will suit all skins, even the most sensitive.

The ingredients are 100% natural, the essential oils, glycerin and shea butter used are ORGANIC.

At Darwin, we love ecology and recycling in all its forms: the soap is presented in a unique and original second hand bowl from the solidarity economy: more than 90% of the containers I offer come from Emmaus, so you are doing a good deed by buying a Darwin soap! And once the soap is finished, you will surely find a use for your bowl.

Unlike commercial products, Darwin shaving soap is like good wine: it improves over time. And yes! Even if it is ready to serve and to give you the best shave of your life as soon as you open it, time will allow it to be even better and to allow the ginger to develop its fresher, more earthy, more assumed aromas, it’s divine!

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