Vintage Ceramic Mustache Cup with Saucer – Present from Spennymoor


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Vintage ceramic mug with painted decoration.

The cup features a guard to protect the mustache from the beverage.

Second-hand model in used condition, please read below.

Beautiful porcelain moustache cup and it assorted saucer, with souvenir decor. A piece of ceramic inside the cup protects the moustache from any beverage!

It was made in Germany.

The cup is marked:

  • “A present from Spennymoor” in gold, a later addition to the manufacture.
  • “Houses of Parliament” view from the Thames of the English Parliament in London.

It was certainly a gift from a member of parliament of the town of Spennymoor.

Note: an original flaw in the porcelain has been embellished by the addition of a gold flower.

Antique, second-hand item, may have minor defects, stains or cracks. Not dishwasher or microwave safe. This mug should be considered for decoration/collection rather than everyday use.


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