Vintage Size 14 PLISSON Shaving Brush – NOS – Natural Bristle


Out of stock ! If this was exactly what you were looking for, don't hesitate to contact us, we might have another one.


New Old Stock shaving brush, handle is made of resin with a marble grey color and a black base. Here are the specs :

Total height : 11.3cm
Knot diameter : 22mm
Loft height : 61mm
Bristles : boar

These specs correspond to a size 14. This is an unused brush, as it come straight from its shipper. But, during its long sleep, it might have dried a bit, so some of the boar bristles might break, and some minor cracks might appear along the edge of the collar (see pics).

These brushes come from the old stock of a cutlery in the North of France, the granddaughter of the owner found them while moving boxes out. These brushes are from the 1970s. Concerned about the possibility to use it or not, I sacrificed myself and un-NOSed one for science, and after a good and long soak in hot water (approx 20minutes) I used it and had a good shave ! The one I picked lost 1 hair during lather making (in a bowl), and 3 or 4 during use on the face. Please note yours might lose more (or less ! who knows !). I used a Simpson’s shaving cream for this first test.


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