Vintage NOS Ben Hur travel safety razor


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Beautiful NOS safety razor, complete with original packaging.

However, the model does have a few defects, see below for more details.

NOS = New Old Stock

— Please read the full description —

This safety razor is a beautiful vintage model, four pieces with a short screw, made in Germany by Apollo / Ben Hur. The razor is presented in a travel pouch. Overall, it is in excellent condition for its age, as it is brand new (New Old Stock) ! However, it has suffered during its long storage:

  • the hinge of the kit broke
  • the inner lining is crumbling (between the satin and the leather, you can’t see it in the photos, but it just makes a bit of dust)
  • The razor head (especially the cap) and the blade box suffered from oxidation. I replaced the cap with a brand new Merkur cap, as they are almost identical. This means that the razor can still be used. The old cap will be included, but I advise against using it.

This Ben Hur razor uses standard double-edged safety razor blades.


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