Vintage KINDAL CV Heljestrand Lather Catcher Razor – Week set


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Razor with hoe-type blade, in excellent condition

7 blades for the week

Good start for a full restoration

Magnificent Kindal razor, manufactured by CV Heljestrand in Eskilstuna, Sweden. The razor is in excellent condition. The leather strop is present and in used condition. I don’t know if it can ever be used again, it will certainly need to be restored, but it is still supple.

The blades are all present, with a few dents and marks. They are not shave-ready as they are, but at least two should be able to be used again quickly and easily. The blades are marked on the back with the 7 days of the week in French.

The case, marked “M.F.C.” with the initials of a previous owner, is a little tired but still closes.


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