Vintage DARWIN “De-Luxe” safety razor in original coffin case

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Safety razor made in the 1930’s

Good condition, see details below

Uses standard size safety razor blades

8.5 cm long, for 69 grams

This beautiful safety razor was produced by Darwin in the 1930s. It is a vintage model, called “De-Luxe”. This model can be recognized by the “studs” that go from the guard plate to the cap, by the fact that the head parts are magnetic (proof that it is cobalt steel, only used for this model), but also by its original “coffin” shaped case, in leather and satin.

This razor can be used without any problem, with new double-edged safety razor blades, standard size.

The razor measures 8.5 cm long, for 69 grams. As you can see on the pictures, the razor is in excellent condition. It shows some traces of use, especially on the sides of the head (see additional pictures), but it’s quite small. From our experience, the pictures show more defects than the naked eye can see.

This razor is presented in its vintage (1930s!) leather, velvet and silk case. The case shows many traces of wear, stains, tears, outside and inside. The closing latch is missing. On the other hand, the original blade bank in tortoise-shell imitation plastic is still present, in very good condition. The whole set still looks pretty good.

Whether you want to use it for your daily shave or to complete your collection, this Darwin “De-Luxe” razor will meet all expectations. According to our classification, this razor is an “X6”.


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