NOS Dispenser of Gillette INJECTOR GII Razor Blades – 5 blades


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Vintage dispenser for 5 Gillette twin-blades

Compatible only with single-edged “Injector” type razors.

NOS = New Old Stock.

This old “injector” razor blade dispenser was made by Gillette! What’s more, they’re “GII” double blades (known as TracII in America)! At a time when Gillette was bringing out its first multi-blade razor, they certainly had trouble getting the word out. So they took on the competition on their own turf, promoting the twin-blade technology.

New old stock, unused vintage dispenser of 5 Gillette twin blades, compatible only with single-edged “Injector” type razors.

NOS: New Old Stock.

The price is for one dispenser, several are available individually. Don’t hesitate to check out our other offers !

Please note: although the package is still covered with its original plastic wrapping, we cannot guarantee that they will be used properly, as this package is primarily for collection/decoration.


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