Merkur 34C Double Edge Safety Razor – Heavy Duty


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Safety razor with closed comb, for everyday use.

Brand-new model – a must-have on the market!

Supplied in cardboard box with one blade.

78 g – 8 cm

The Merkur 34C safety razor is one of the bestselling razors on the market. Made in Germany, this razor is positioned in the mid-range, as it offers excellent value for money. Made from chrome-plated zinc alloy, its closed-comb head is ideal for everyday shaving. This shaver uses standard double-edged blades.

The Merkur 34C razor ditinguishes itself from the other Merkurs by its smaller and bulkier handle. These elements gave it its nickname of “Heavy Duty” razor.

  • Razor weight: 78 grams.
  • Total length: 80 mm.
  • Delivered in cardboard box with one blade. We also sell the same blades as 10-packs.

We have no hesitation in recommending it to beginners and experienced users alike. Thanks to its weight and short stature, it gives a very interesting “massive” impression in hand. Beginners will feel a real difference from a disposable or multi-blade razor, and will naturally let the weight of the razor do the work.


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