Luxury DARWIN Pre-Shave Soap – “Drake’s Bay Rum”


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Pre-shave soap enriched with glycerin to deeply cleanse the skin, smooth the surface and prepare the hair for a better razor glide.

Can also be used as a solid shampoo for beard and hair!

Handcrafted in France, 100% natural and vegan-friendly.

Darwin’s pre-shave soap cleans and tones the skin, softens and enlarges the hair to facilitate the shave. The formula is rich in natural glycerin that helps the glide and has a strong humectant power : it will help the hair to retain water, which will make it soft and fat. An easy target for any blade !

This pre-shave soap is everything you can expect from a luxury glycerin soap, and so much more. It is slick, works like a charm, and smells incredible ! It doubles as a solid shampoo for the hirsute Gentleman as well.

Ingredients are 100% natural, most are even organic. Proudly handmade, hand cut and hand packed in France.

Scent : Drake’s Bay Rum is a beautiful spicy and fruity scent. It boasts notes of St. Thomas bay and bay laure, Citron, Frankincense, Amber rum, Ambergris and Cade wood.

Weight : 100 g approximately (hand cut, and perpetually drying, so there may be some way)

Made by hand in France, in collaboration with Le Père Lucien. The accessories shown are not included.

Suitable for everyday use, to match our other men's care products. Visually, the soap has opaque, translucent curls and a "foamy" face that are completely natural. The recipe contains a very small amount of alcohol: just enough to help blend the ingredients, but not too much to be gentle on the skin. It will evaporate quickly and you won't feel it.


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