German SLANT razor in Black Bakelite


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Nice second-hand antique safety razor with slant head in black bakelite

It uses standard blades, and it’s pretty damn efficient…

17 g for about 8 cm.

Condition: see details below.

This beautiful safety razor, with no visible markings, was made in Germany, most likely in Solingen. It must date from the 1930s/40s. It is identical to the brown model that we had for sale in the past (and of which Filslade had made a video). Please note, the handle has a few little dents at the very top, near the head. If you take it close to the screw to unscrew it and screw it back in gently, you won’t have any problems using it (see photos).

The handle is hollow, the head has a closed comb and slanting bars (commonly known as a slant), and the entire razor is made of black bakelite (with metal screw and nut, probably aluminium). The razor measures approximately 8 cm and weighs 17 g. It uses standard safety blades! It has a very wide gap, is a bit more aggressive than average, but is still pleasant to use. The photos show it in its original beige and green cardboard packaging. The box has some discolouration, a few small tears at the corners and a few stains, but nothing serious. The screw thread is fairly close to M5, so you should normally be able to use a standard handle on this razor, but I’d advise you not to force it or screw it in too tightly. There’s no point in tightening it, all you need is for the blade to be against it and you’re ready to go!


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