Drake’s Luxury Bay Rum Shaving Soap

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100% natural artisanal shaving soap – Formulated with duck fat

Bay Rum fragrance – French handcrafted

100 g – Real coconut bowl

Go on board your day shaved like Drake!

The Darwin shaving soap allows for the most comfortable shave. For our Drake scent, we chose to add dodo fat… no, duck fat in the formula, for a thicker lather and a very supple skin.

Drake’s Bay Rum scent

Drake designed his Bay Rum as he scoured the seven seas to bring the treasures of the world back to the Royal Crown of England. His booty, his travels and adventures are reflected in the spicy notes of this Bay Rum, and here we are on deck with him: we can feel the opening Caribbean sun, fruity, tangy. Then come notes reminiscent of the daily life of sailors: the ship’s cedar wood, lemon to fight scurvy, rum that warms the soul and precious spices in the holds. Finally, when you think that the sea has already taken everything from you, the powder speaks and the fire sets the deck ablaze. Drake has survived to bring us his favorite perfume, and Darwin is honored to be able to offer it to you in return.

The scent is composed of only natural essential oils and genuine amber rum (10%):

– St. Thomas bay and bay laurel: two similar fruits that are reminiscent of laurel, but that sweeten it.
– Citron: native to India, it brings a woody and fruity note at the same time. It is a citrus fruit similar to lemon, which scent is reminiscent of cedar.
– Frankincense: a woody, fairly mineral scent with a slightly spicy aspect.
– Amber rum: warm, sweet, spicy.
– Ambergris: powdery, warm, it helps binding the different notes together.
– Cade wood: smoky woody


The bowl is made from a real coconut shell. This one comes from Vietnam, where it is a by-product of the food industry. Cleaned and polished, it is light and strong. Once your soap is finished, keep it as a shaving bowl, indeed its natural roughness is very effective in helping to build up a lather!

Presentation :
– 100g or 200g, as you wish (by choosing the 200g version, you save 5 € !).
– Comes in a smart organic cotton pouch with strings.

Made in France, designed in collaboration with Le Père Lucien.

Rinse your skin well after use, wipe the bowl well and let it breathe.


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