Vintage Travel Gillette TECH Safety Razor


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Antique razor, restored and ready to use

Reduced aluminium handle

x grams – x cm.

Made in England

This safety razor is a beautiful vintage three-piece model with a short screw and closed comb, made by Gillette. The handle and guard plate are made of aluminium, and the cap is nickel-plated metal.

It is presented in an old leather case that is not original, but which nevertheless fits very well. The original handle has been reduced in size (it has lost the ‘ball’ that was originally at the end of the handle), either by the Gillette factory or by an experienced DIYer, as the cut has been very well done.

Made in England. The razor weighs x grams for x cm.

This razor is old but ready to be used again, or to take pride of place in any collection.

Ideal for beginners to traditional shaving, but also suitable for experienced shavers.


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