NOS Vintage German Bakelite Slant Safety Razor


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Lovely german safety razor, brown bakelite, slant head, in NOS (New Old Stock) condition

This razor uses standard DE blades, and it is super efficient. Mind the gap !

17 g for 8 cm, approximately.

Can show some wear and tear from its age, see details below.

This beautiful safety razor with no visible branding was made in Germany, most probably in Solingen. I am guessing it was made in the 1930s or 1940s. This razor has never been used, it comes from an old stock (NOS = New Old Stock) ! Please note, “NOS” does not mean mint / free of defects. After many, many years of storage, some of these razors may have some oxidation in the thread, but also small cracks or bubbles (as shown on the pictures) in the bakelite. It can also happen that the baseplate is not perfectly tight WHEN UNLOADED, but once the blade is loaded there is no more this problem and everything is well held !

I cannot guarantee the aesthetic condition of what you will receive, but please note that these defects are not serious enough to prevent you from using it properly. We have sold many of these babies, and so far everyone was happy.

The handle is hollow, the head has a closed comb and slant bars, the whole razor is made of brown bakelite (with metal screw and metal thread, surely aluminum). The gap on this razor is incredibly large, but the blade is well maintained, in terms of aggressiveness I would rate it a 7.5 out of 10. But as you know, your feeling may vary ! The gap can look scary, but this razor is efficient and not so much agressive.

It uses standard safety blades! It is presented in photos with several identical copies, but you will only receive one razor, with its period packaging in beige and green cardboard. The box may have some discoloration, some tears here and there, some stains, some dents. I cannot promise that the one you will get looks exactly the same as the one pictured.


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