Vintage Eclipse Red Ring Safety Razor in Deluxe Case


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2-piece safety razor in chromed metal.

“Deluxe” case with original blade included.

Very rare vintage model.

Superb old Eclipse safety razor, Red Ring model. This is a 2-piece model made in Sheffield, England, which can be considered as a “cage” head (not really an open comb, nor a closed comb either). Made of chromed metal and red paint (a little faded). This razor was called an adjustable razor, indeed you can see notches on the bottom screw. This was true back in the day when blades were thicker than today. Today, don’t expect to see a real adjustability.

The razor is in used condition but still very beautiful, and the metal box is in good condition as well. Please note, the satin in the lid unfortunately has a few holes, but this is the only notable flaw in this extremely rare and sought-after set.

An original blade is included, for decoration/collection purposes only.

The razor uses standard double-edged blades. There is a magnet at the end of the razor to catch the blade on your bathroom worktop. Did you know? Eclipse originally made magnets!


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