Vintage BIRKO BEST Solingen Safety Razor


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Double-edged bakelite safety razor, three pieces, with original box.

Uses standard safety blades.

Made in Germany

Used razor, read the full description and take a good look at all the photos.

BIRKO BEST double-edged safety razor, three-piece in black plastic or bakelite, with original box. Uses standard safety blades.

This German razor has a cardboard box marked Birko, but the razor is not marked. This is quite common for some entry-level brands, who didn’t bother to mark some of their razors. The latter is clearly visible in the box design, though.

Please note: the plastic has warped over time, the cap is a little dented and the top of the handle is cracked. The razor can still be used as is. The cardboard box is worn and a flap is missing.


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