Vintag VALET Autostrop Single Edge Safety Razor


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Single-edge model, uses specific blades.

Case in good condition, including instructions.

Excellent condition, see photos and description below.

This safety razor is in good condition. It is a beautiful vintage Valet model, beautifully presented in its black cardboard box, the surface having a leather imitation design. The sharpening leather strop is missing.

This is a system where you slide the leather into the head and sharpen the blade by tilting the handle from side to side. This is known as an “Autostrop” model. Made in England.

The razor is in very good condition, see photos. Fully functional, you change the blade by placing it in the head, which you open by pressing down on one side, close it like a sandwich, then present the blade against the comb, and close the latch at the back. There’s a card inside the razor head to show how to insert the blade (rare!).

The set includes an original blade in its paper, so I recommend keeping it for decoration/collection purposes rather than for use. The razor, on the other hand, is perfectly serviceable with the right blades. This model uses single-edged blades, which only the Feather brand continues to make today (reference FHS-10). The case is in good condition, and includes the original instructions and an advertisement for other Valet products.


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