Safety Razor Blade Protection and Drying Box


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Box to dry and protect your safety razor blade

This clever little box is made in France.

Suitable for all double-edged safety razor blades.

This small box is designed to dry your double-edged safety razor blade, or protect it during transport or simply when not in use.

It is a proven design:

  • a raised centre line with small studs holds the blade securely in place, the edges of the blade do not come into contact with the edges of the box or the bottom, so they do not lose their sharpness.
  • slits are provided for air to circulate and dry the blade
  • the cover clips on, so the blade can be taken anywhere and is out of reach of clumsy hands.

The clever design of this box has been adapted to match our Classic range.

This little box for drying your safety razor blade is 3D-printed in France by Ici Sont Des Dragons for Darwin. Small visual defects may appear.

Blade not included, razor not included.


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