“Mr Darcy” Shaving Brush in Porcelain and Wood – Vintage Edition 5


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Traditional Shaving Brush – Unique piece !

Genuine badger hair – HMW grade “High Mountain White”

Knot size: 26 x 52 mm – Made in France

Centenarian ceramic and thuya wood handle

The shaving brushes of the “Mr Darcy – Vintage Edition” series are all unique pieces that form a very special project involving three French craftsmen:

  1. The ceramic base is 100 years old, and has a quite a history! Each piece has been unearthed, cleaned and sterilised by our own expert.
  2. The upper part was turned from thuya wood and engraved by the expert hands of MRed, a professional turner from Clermont-Ferrand.
  3. The knot was assembled by the last French workshop capable of making badger lofts by hand. A workshop that is more than a hundred years old, which has been a partner of many famous French brands… we won’t say more.

To find out more about the work of each of these craftsmen and women, please visit the page dedicated to this project.

The knot is made of real badger hair, grade “high mountain white”. This rare grade is beautiful to the eye, but also combines several important advantages for a quality lather and the most comfortable shave. The body of these hairs is very, very fine, and their natural tips are soft. Each knot has been handcrafted especially for each handle of this limited series. So each loft will have its own character, for a truly unique shaving brush!

Wood type: thuya.
Shape of the loft: Fan
Total height: 116 mm
Knot height: 52 mm
Base diameter of the knot: 26 mm
Maximum handle diameter: 34 mm
Min. handle diameter: 31 mm
Weight : 96 g
Noyable marks : a few brown spots on the ceramic. The base has and original ink inscription.

Important note:

The handle of this shaving brush is a unique piece, both because each base has its own experience, but also because each wood reveals its own character with each essence, and no two shapes are the same. The base may have marks, dents, chips, cracks, traces, stains, which are signs of the past life of this hundred year old item. We have made sure to check them, to solidify them, to show you these defects on the many pictures, so you buy this badger with full knowledge of the facts. But you are buying more than a brush, you are buying a history and character, and keeping a tradition alive. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss them.

Presentation: this shaving brush will be delivered in a neat cardboard box.

Do not use water that is too hot, do not immerse the entire shaving brush. Be sure to rinse your shaving brush well after use, drain it gently, dry it with a towel and then place it upside down on a suitable stand. The base of this shaving brush is made of 100 year old ceramic, so avoid any shocks.


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