Drake Shaving Soap in Blue and White Asian Bowl


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100% natural shaving soap

Made in France

Sold in an upcycled bowl!

145 g

Drake’s Bay Rum shaving soap

The Drake soap is first prepared by a renowned artisan, Le Père Lucien, using a recipe developed exclusively for Darwin, using duck fat. The Bay Rum fragrance was developed by us in his laboratory.

It’s a fragrance made exclusively from natural essential oils and real amber rum:

  • Baie de St Thomas and bay laurel fruit: two similar fruits that are reminiscent of bay laurel, but softer, sweeter.
  • Citron: Native to India, it adds both a woody and fruity note. It is a citrus fruit similar to lemon, with a fragrance reminiscent of cedar wood.
  • frankincense (incense): a woody, fairly mineral fragrance with a slightly spicy overtone.
  • Amber rum: warm, sweet and spicy.
  • Ambergris: a warm, powdery touch that helps bind the different notes together.
  • Cade: smoky woodiness, which is the light burning / gunpowder note of the blend.

Vintage upcycled bowl

Blue Japanese ceramic bowl with matching lid. Decorated with a stylised white cherry tree. This original vintage bowl is part of our Ethique range, with part of the proceeds going to Emmaüs.

Soap weight: 145 g.

Made in France, designed in collaboration with Le Père Lucien. Accessories shown are sold separately.

Rinse your skin after use. Allow the soap to air as much as possible.


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