Beautiful Antique Shaving Brush – Finest Badger knot


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This nice shaving brush comes from the 19th century, the handle is made of a dark wood and bone. I took the old knot out and added a new knot. The new one is premium “Finest Badger” from The Golden Nib (apparently the smallest knot of the market !) and here are the brush’s specs :

Loft diameter : 16mm
Loft height : 53mm
Total height : 13.1cm

The knot is brand new, never used. The handle is pre-owned, it shows cracks (please look at all the pictures), that shouldn’t prevent you from shaving properly.

Please note : bone is a “living” material, it doesn’t like water. So, when you use it, be sure to NEVER put the bone part in water, and since the hairs have capillary action, be sure to not let it soak too long. The bone would expend and thus crack. If it does, when it cools down and dries, the crack should resorb again, but still. I personnaly used to own a bone brush, never had a problem when following these step.


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